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Photo gallery

This galley is composed of some the still shots that have been captured over the years. We would love to thank all the great photographers that have taken time to capture these shots for all of us. Stopping time so that we may look back at the great and not so great times.

4/6/2024 Lavonia Ga.

Photos by CC's action photography and Cadence Wittman

Ben at Smokey Mountain Speedway with the wing off packing the track.

Packing the track

This is a photo take by Dirt Daddy Photography, On 7-8-23 while Ben helped packing the track after a rain storm. 

Bens 80's themed helmet setting on the hood of the car

Before the storm

Photo by Dirt Daddy Photography. 7-8-23 Smokey Mountain Speedway

The Autism Sprint being pushed to stagging

Pushing Out

Photo by Dirt Daddy Photography.

Ben sitting in the car discussing changes with the crew chef.

Talking Changes

Photo by Dirt Daddy Photography

Ben Mccall resting on car before a show

Just chilling

Chilling before the race 7-8-23 at Smokey Mountain Speedway. photo by Dirt Daddy Photography.

Ben Mccall with big smile as he sets in the car waiting to go out.

In his happy place

Photo by Dirt Daddy Photography

We are always adding

Check Back as we are always adding more. If you get a cool shot, you don't mind us showing off. Email it to Make sure to leave the name you like us to give credit to.

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