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4/6/2024 Lovonia video

Video clips from Victory Lane at Lovonia Speedway Ga. 4/6/2024


4/6/2024 Lovonia Ga.

Saturday 4/7/23 Lavonia Ga.

We finally did it on a track that was like I was at old  Rockfish Speedway. Started the weekend with a bad fast car at Travelers Rest Speedway started the main in 7th and had made my way up to 5th by the 3rd lap and got tangled up on a restart. We replaced everything on the front end of the car thanks to Sean Vardell and George Loux for the parts and Nate Emig for the help putting it together. Then Saturday night we hauled down to Lavonia Speedway started the night 7th over all in times. Went into the heat race went 6th to 4th wasn't happy with the car then watched the second heat race where I watched george walk away slowing the down alot in the corner. Made it to the dash drew 3rd and locked I'd down on the bottom to take 2nd. Started the main and was caught sleeping on the start but had enough gear to come back around him on the front stretch make on the bottom first and rolled the throttle all night long had Scott Hunter Racing send it on the top of me and made me cowboy up and send it in a little harder with five laps to go but we put it in the box at the top spot. I've got to thank
Rockfish Speedway
Deon Arnold Heating & Air Conditioning
TAS Graphix
Newlin Bar Service, LLC
Drew Bible Racing LLC
And everyone else that's been there for me since the micro days it been a long time coming now it's time to get the Ole bent up tripple x out for a wash and take down all the notes


4/5/2024 Travelers Rest S.C.

Waiting on ben to write

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