As the 2018 season approaches our first job is finishing up the full size car. To be able to compete with the Carolina Sprint Tour and Virginia Sprint Series will take a lot of work.

The Web Site

As time permits we have a lot of great ideas for the web site. We're really looking at ways to help the autism and special needs community. We don't want to tell all now, but the ideas we have should fill a big hole that we've had several people tell us about. 

Tees and Hoodies

A new car means we have to get in gear. As soon as the new car is ready. She'll get photographed and well be looking to get new tees and hoodies made to match. So keep a look out and we'll let you know as soon as there ready. The plan again is to donate all the profit. So it's a good way to help spread the word. Not to mention you look cool while doing it.

The Fans

We're always looking for new ways to interact. If you have an idea or event in our area that you'd like us to be apart of please send us a message on the contact page.  

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