Making a donation will help buy the parts that are necessary to have it ready for the first race of the season. At the moment we are about $6000 from having the car wrapped and at the first race. This doesn't include keeping up the car. Just to give an idea of how the money will be spent, to wrap the car were looking around $3200. A full containment seat runs from 700 to 1600 dollars even more for some brands. we still need valve train for the engine, good valve train will be close to $1000. Shocks, for a used set around $400, new $900.And it seems like an endless list of small parts. We don't waste money. we buy good used parts when available but there are parts that need to be new. we thank you for your support.


We gladly accept donations to either fund the racing effort or to pass on to the other charities we support. The choice is yours as to where it goes.  Just let us know.


We are currently working on our donation and sponsorship pages which we hope to have up soon, for now we have a way to help fund the car for the 2018 season. In the mean time feel free to contact us, as we have ways of collecting donations and working with sponsors until the web site is complete.

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