A quick back history on us. We've been racing sprints successfully for years. The team to date has had countless wins and six championships. But racing has become just a part or a tool for the bigger purpose over the last couple of years.

At the end of the 2015 racing season, Ben, who had just ran a partial season in the 270 sprint due to some medical issue, came up with an idea that would wind up drastically changing not only our racing but our lives as well.

His idea was to wrap the race car with the autism puzzle design, in honor of someone he knew. What started out as wrapping a car quickly grew. The first thing that happened was names. We started selling puzzle pieces for child's name. For a hundred dollars, we would place a child's name, one you supplied or we provided, on a puzzle piece on the car. Then there's t-shirts and decals. We donate all the monies from puzzle pieces and all the profit from decals and tees to the Autism Society.


2016 was full of excitement. In this year, Ben won his first 270 race after coming so close the year before. Before the year was out he had tallied 4 wins and a list of top fives finishing second in points.  The big story was the car. The demand to see it was crazy. We raced all we could and packed in car shows in between, even winning the Ignite award at Americarna. He managed to raise over $3000 for the Autism Society. The amount people with or related to someone on the spectrum that we had the opportunity to meet was truly amazing. It truly opened our ours.

2017 was busy year for us, with a lot of head scratching as we tried racing for a championship, working on a new car, and trying to find what direction The Autism Sprint needed to go. We didn't get to as many car shows this year, as time was spent keeping the car race ready and building the full size car. We hoped to get the big car on track this season but funding issues kept it off the track and in the shop. We did secure our first national sponsor with Lucas Oil, a huge help from a great company. The best part was we had been using their products for years. There was kids galore again this year, which has turned in to the biggest thrill of all. Its hard to describe the feeling you get watching the kids climb in and out the car, the parent's smiles as Ben kneels down and talks to the kids in between and after the races. Then finding their name on the car, it really pulls on the heart strings. To top it all, he did what he set out to do, he fought hard all year. It came down to the last race and when the flag flew, we had a Champion. To cap the year off we went to the nationals where he raced in The Race of Champions, a dream he had had for years. He finished eight with the best micro drivers in the country. What a great ending for our season.    

2018 looks to be wild. As the full sized car comes together and we are able to get to new and larger tracks w plan spread the word in front of more people and really see just how many lives we can touch.

Remember we're here to spread awareness. If at the track, on the highway, or even standing at the gas pump, if you spot us take a minute to stop and say hey. If it weren't for all of you this wouldn't be worth doing. 

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